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Generate messages directly from within Outreach with the Flike extension


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Need more data sources, directly integrate into your data warehouse


Leverage all CRM data and prospect intentions to craft that perfect email

What our Clients are
saying about us!

Paymaun Rezai

AE @ Segment

I'm getting higher reply rates, open rates are doubled, and meetings are up. Flike helps me spend more time on being strategic and talking to prospects vs. manually personalizing emails.

Samantha Parkman

Enterprise Sales @ Brex

What took me 15 minutes, I can now do in 2 minutes!

Alex Szrol

BDR @ Checkout

Flike really changed the way I approach prospecting. If you believe in using AI to be more efficient, then you should definitely try Flike. Also, their team has gone above and beyond to help me get set up personally.

Chris Aeberli

Founder @ Sonia

Most of our leads nowadays come through Flike! Thank you!

Mike Malkov

CEO @ Fastgen

The Flike AI understood the nuances of our sales process faster than our new reps do!

John Samuel

BDR @ Salesforce

I'm super impressed by the Flike platform! It seems to understand our product well and is even being clever with metaphors (selling to Subway - it's comparing our company to custom sandwiches).

Makenna Turner

BDR @ Contentful

Flike is my go to tool on a daily basis!

Morgan Shelly

AE @ Deel

Flike generated some golden nuggets that  I would have never come up myself

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