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AI for your GTM team

Custom trained AI models on your product marketing knowledge, enabling your sales team to generate relevant & hyper-personalized emails that are aligned with your brand voice throughout the entire sales funnel.

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AE Segment

"I'm getting higher reply rates, open rates are doubled, and meetings are up. Flike helps me spend more time on being strategic and talking to prospects vs. manually personalizing emails."

BDR Checkout

"Flike really changed the way I approach prospecting. If you believe in using AI to be more efficient, then you should definitely try Flike. Also, their team has gone above and beyond to help me get set up personally."

AE Salesforce

"I'm super impressed by the Flike platform! It seems to understand our product well and is even being clever with metaphors (selling to Subway - it's comparing our company to custom sandwiches)."